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Restore Your Confidence with a Whiter Smile

Posted by: admin, on July 6, 2016

Are you reluctant to smile? Do you cover your mouth when you laugh? Unfortunately, these behaviors aren’t uncommon when people have dark, stained teeth. However, it is possible to restore your confidence with a whiter, brighter smile! What Are the Benefits of a Whiter Smile? Have you ever heard the phrase, “When you look good,… Read More

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What You Can Expect from One-Visit Dental Crowns

Posted by: admin, on May 11, 2016

A decade ago, if you needed a crown, you could expect to make multiple visits to your dentist’s office. In fact, with many dentists, that’s still the case. Fortunately, that is not the case with CEREC dental crown, the latest technology for one-visit dental crowns. What Is a Dental Crown? You can think of a… Read More

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What to Expect At Your Routine Dental Visit

Posted by: admin, on February 24, 2016

Have you been putting off scheduling your dentist appointment? If so, we are here to light a fire under you! Not literally, but we do want to stress how important routine dental visits are for both your oral hygiene and your overall health. Learn more about why these regular dental checkups are so critical. What… Read More

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Traditional Braces vs. Invisalign: Which Is Right for Me?

Posted by: admin, on January 19, 2016

Have you been considering straightening your teeth? If so, you should know that there are a few options available for you, and we are here to help! Read on to learn the answers to the most common questions our patients have about teeth straightening. We will explain the differences between braces and Invisalign, fill you… Read More

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5 Things You Should Know about Dental Implant Restorations

Posted by: admin, on December 29, 2015

Although many of our patients are unfamiliar with dental implants, they are actually one of the biggest advances in dentistry. Over the past 40 years, dental implants have gained significant popularity, which can be attributed to the fact that they restore people’s smiles, blend in naturally with other teeth, and can last for a lifetime…. Read More

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