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Everything You Need to Know About CEREC Dental Technology

Posted by: admin, on May 2, 2017

While you may have heard before that our office makes a significant investment in the latest dental technology, you may not understand how that affects you as a patient. We aim to change that! Today, we would like to explain to you what CEREC dental technology is, and how it can improve your overall patient… Read More

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Logicon Caries Detector Software Helps Dentists Spot Tooth Decay

Posted by: admin, on November 15, 2016

If you’re old enough to remember tape cassettes and VCRs, then you already know that technology has improved our world for the better. Fortunately, those technological advancements haven’t just given us better entertainment options, they’ve also improved the field of dentistry. For example, Logicon Caries Detector Software has made it even easier for us to… Read More

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5 Benefits of the WaterLase Dental LASER

Posted by: admin, on September 30, 2016

Are you familiar with WaterLase dentistry? If not, you may be surprised to learn that WaterLase dental LASERs have revolutionized the dental experience. For our fearful patients, that means that it’s much easier now to sit comfortably through a dental appointment. However, whether you cringe at the thought of coming to our office or view… Read More

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5 Things You Need to Know About Conscious Sedation Dentistry

Posted by: admin, on September 1, 2016

Once our patients discover how relaxed their dental visits can be with conscious sedation, they feel far more comfortable about scheduling much-needed dental work. And as your dental provider, that’s something we love to see! Read on to learn the 5 things we want you to know about the benefits of conscious sedation. 1. Conscious… Read More

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What You Can Expect from One-Visit Dental Crowns

Posted by: admin, on May 11, 2016

A decade ago, if you needed a crown, you could expect to make multiple visits to your dentist’s office. In fact, with many dentists, that’s still the case. Fortunately, that is not the case with CEREC dental crown, the latest technology for one-visit dental crowns. What Is a Dental Crown? You can think of a… Read More

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