Conscious Sedation Dentistry in Akron

Conscious Sedation

Going to the dentist can be an uncomfortable experience for many patients, which is why Dr. Petry and Dr. Walton offer conscious sedation options to ease the tension. Conscious sedation refers to medication offered prior to a dental procedure, which allows patients to remain awake yet relaxed during the appointment. Our patients find it extremely helpful and appreciate their pain-free visits.

Who Can Benefit from Conscious Sedation?

Fortunately, there are a number of patients who can experience the benefits of conscious sedation. In particular, conscious sedation is useful for patients who:

  • Experience a lot of fear at the thought of visiting the dentist
  • Require extensive dental work
  • Have tooth and gum sensitivity

Conscious sedation keeps you relaxed throughout your visit. Additionally, it helps minimize movement, increases cooperation, and controls gag reflexes so that you feel at ease during your appointment.

Why Choose Petry & Walton for Sedation Dentistry?

We have a number of conscious sedation options that we use. The method that we offer our patients is selected based on their dental fears, the procedure they’re having done, and their health history. After careful consideration, we’ll recommend the best method for you.

Then, you can sit back and relax during your pain-free, gentle procedure. We make it easy for you by providing comfortable massage chairs and overhead flat-screen TVs. In fact, our patients appreciate our spa-like amenities so much that over 99% of them would recommend us to others. We’re flattered!

If you’re ready to visit Akron sedation dentists Dr. Petry or Dr. Walton, schedule an appointment or contact our helpful staff at 330.578.1778. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have!

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