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3 Ways Smart Snacking Can Save Your Smile

July 11, 2014

Bowl of popcorn sitting on a white table

Snacking on certain types of food can be either very good or very bad for your smile and overall health. When you’re reaching for a snack between meals, you want something that will leave you filled up while also not doing damage to your teeth. Most of us snack at periods of time when we’re not going to be brushing or flossing immediately after, so here are a few healthy snacks that will actually save your smile at the same time.


Popcorn is a fibrous, light snack that is healthy for you and also cleans your teeth while you’re eating it. In fact, you can pretty much eat as much as you like, making it perfect for someone that needs to munch on something more frequently. Adding a bunch of toppings such as butters and oils can change that though, so for the lightest option it’s best to stick to air-popped corn. However, you may want to keep some flossers on hand in case any pesky kernels get stuck in between your teeth.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Crispy, crunchy fruits and vegetables boost your immune system with essential vitamins and minerals. They also massage your gums and clean your teeth as you chew. To get the fullest benefits out of produce, eat it when it’s fresh and uncooked. Snacks like apples can be taken with you anywhere, making them clean and convenient snack foods no matter where you’re going.


Recent research has shown that eating cheese will help neutralize the pH inside of the mouth, limiting bacteria’s ability to cause tooth decay. Other dairy products like milk and yogurt were also effective, but not nearly as much as cheese. Pick your favorite flavor, and you’ll enjoy a filling snack that will leave both you and your teeth satisfied.

You can pretty much feel guilt-free when you eat these 3 snacks in moderation. If for some reason you have problems with food packing or sore areas when you eat, you should visit Akron Smiles for a check-up. For example, some people have popcorn stick under their gums in areas that are beginning to develop gum disease. We’ll show you how to keep the areas clean, and prevent the problem from getting worse.