SOLEA Dental Laser

Revolutionary Technology That Doesn’t Require Needles

Why Choose
Akron Smile for SOLEA Dental Laser Procedures?

Our priority is to ensure our patients receive outstanding treatment without experiencing anxiety.

The SOLEA Dental Laser makes it possible to perform cavity repairs and soft-tissue procedures without needing anesthesia or drills, resulting in faster, pain-free procedures. 

  • Nearly 100% anesthesia free
  • No drills or needles
  • No numbness or downtime after a procedure
  • Reduce appointment time
  • Complete work in one visit

The Process

  1. Evaluation and Consultation
    We’ll determine what type of procedure you need and discuss the use of the SOLEA Dental Laser.
  2. Reduce Wait Time
    With the SOLEA Dental Laser, there’s no need to wait for numbing and we can begin your procedure right away.
  3. Perform Procedure
    Remove cavities or repair soft-tissue damage without pain or drilling.
  4. Resume Your Day
    There’s no need for sutures and no numbness, so you can continue your day without any inconvenience.

What You Can Expect at Akron Smile

Less than 1% of dentists are trained to use and have the SOLEA Dental Laser at their practice. Our dentists receive world-class training to use this technology because we believe in providing cutting-edge care for our patients.

We work closely with you to outline a treatment plan that realizes your specific goals.

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Answers to Common Questions about the SOLEA Dental Laser

You may not be familiar with SOLEA Dental Lasers. We want to make sure you understand how this technology can radically change your dental experience. Here are answers to common questions about these procedures.

How does the Solea Dental Laser work?

It uses a beam of light combined with water to remove damaged areas of the tooth and reshape the gums.

Does it hurt?

Patients rarely require anesthesia when they undergo a Solea Dental Laser procedure. You may feel minimal discomfort that feels like pressure or cold due to the laser.

How many dentists use this technology?

Less than 1% of dentists are using this cutting-edge technology, and Akron Smile is one of them.

How long do appointments take?

Appointment times are shorter because there’s no need to wait for numbing. Your appointment time will vary based on the type of procedure.

Does it cost more?

The procedures are performed at the same cost as traditional dentistry.

Ready to Schedule Your SOLEA Dental Laser Consultation?

If you’re worried about or avoiding treatment because of the pain associated with dental procedures, schedule a consultation and we’ll show you how the SOLEA Dental Laser can improve your next dental visit.

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