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5 Acts of People Being Awesome That Will Make You Smile

August 16, 2013

Turn on the news, and you’ll quickly be overwhelmed with negative, sad stories.  Unfortunately, our world is filled with lots of sad stories.  Maybe we should take more time to notice the good things that are around us; to draw attention to the stories that make us smile.  Below are five examples from this summer of people being extremely awesome.  We think they’ll leave you smiling!

Rush Hour Rescue

Rush Hour Rescue

Recently in Japan a woman slipped, falling between a train and the platform.  Wedged between a gap of about 8 inches, she remained stuck until fellow commuters pushed the train until there was enough room for her to be dislodged.  Fortunately, her fellow passengers must have eaten their Wheaties that day! 

Homeless Man Returns Darling’s Ring

Billy Ray Harris

When Sarah Darling accidentally dropped her engagement ring into the cup of homeless man, Billy Ray Harris, his return of her ring resulted in an outpouring of generosity from strangers.  To date, over 8,000 people have raised $190,000 for a fund for Harris, and he’s gone from homeless to hero.

T(r)ip of a Lifetime

Italy Trip Tip

A waitress mentioned to her new customer that she had never been to Italy but wanted to visit.  What a shocker when the customer walked out after generously leaving her $1000 tip toward her trip to Italy.  Viva l’Italia!

Crossing the Finish Line Together

Runner Helps Competitor

It’s not for nothing that visitors to Ohio frequently mention how friendly and kind Ohioans are.  Ohio teen Meghan Vogel stopped to help a fallen competitor cross the finish line of the 3200-meter race the two were competing in.  Although the girls came in last place (14th and 15th), they received a standing ovation from the crowd.

Chivalry Is NOT Dead


Quebec man, Vincent Gabriel Kirouac, rode across Canada dressed as a knight to promote chivalry.  Amazingly, he never spent a night outdoors.  He knocked on houses across the country requesting a place to sleep and was never turned down.  Oh, Canada!

There you have it.  Five amazing stories of people going out of their way to do something kind and extraordinary for other people.  Dr. Petry and Dr. Walton love to see our patients smile, and encourage you to give your neighbors and co-workers a reason to smile!  Visit us in Akron, Ohio for you next dental exam!