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Achieve Your Smile Makeover With Lumineers

August 1, 2013

If you have ever wanted to change the appearance of your smile without having to go through braces, numerous whitening treatments or invasive restorative procedures, our Akron dental office has the answer!

Lumineers are a revolutionary cosmetic dental treatment able to transform the way you smile in just a short visit. No shots, drills or uncomfortable treatments are needed.

Lumineers are effective in correcting the appearance of chipped, stained, broken, crooked and misshaped teeth. They work by being placed over the front surface of your existing teeth and correcting any spaces or visual discrepancies that exist. The end result is a beautiful, straight, white smile that you’ve always dreamed of having.

How Lumineers are Applied

Dr. Petry and Dr. Walton begin your Lumineers dental veneer treatment with a consultation appointment. At this visit you will discuss what visual concerns you have regarding your natural teeth. Together, you will design a smile based on color, shape and size of the teeth you want to have.

Dental impressions are taken and then sent to the Lumineer state-of-the-art laboratory where your customized, thin, porcelain dental veneers will be made. Once the lab is finished, you will visit our office again where you will have your teeth gently conditioned, and the Lumineer bonded directly to your natural tooth enamel.

Benefits of Lumineers

  • The major benefit of Lumineers over traditional dental veneers is that the treatment is completely reversible. Because there is no alteration of your enamel, Lumineers can be removed later on if you wish. With traditional dental veneers, a thin layer of tooth enamel is removed to house the veneer, making the treatment permanent.
  • Another added benefit of Lumineers is their low-maintenance requirements.  The cosmetic material used to make Lumineers is easy to keep clean and you care for them the same way you would your natural teeth.
  • The material used in their fabrication is strong and durable, so that they function as close to natural teeth as possible. The ultra-light, ultra-thin material also has a translucent hue, enabling it to offer a more natural tooth appearance that reflects the coloration of your true tooth enamel. That’s something that traditional porcelain veneers can’t do.

For a free smile-makeover consultation, call our Akron cosmetic dental office today! Our cosmetic dentists, Dr. Petry and Dr. Watson will work closely with you throughout the entire process to ensure a beautiful smile that will leave you looking and feeling great!