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5 Things You Should Know about Dental Implant Restorations

December 29, 2015

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Although many of our patients are unfamiliar with dental implants, they are actually one of the biggest advances in dentistry. Over the past 40 years, dental implants have gained significant popularity, which can be attributed to the fact that they restore people’s smiles, blend in naturally with other teeth, and can last for a lifetime. Read on to learn more about how a dental implant restoration may be able to help you.

What Is a Dental Implant Restoration?

A dental implant refers to a titanium threaded screw that is used to replace the root of a missing or damaged tooth.

Once the surrounding gum tissue and bone has healed, a crown is placed on top of the implant. This is the part of the procedure that is referred to as dental implant restoration.

Who Can Benefit from a Dental Implant Restoration?

A number of people make great candidates for dental implants. The procedure can help individuals with missing teeth, those who find dentures uncomfortable, and people who would like to forego dental bridges.

Furthermore, dental implants are actually considered “more predictable” than treatments like bridgework and dentures. Dental implant restorations have a history of reliable and long-term successful outcomes.

What Is the Implant Process Like?

The implant process involves a few stages. In the first stage, the implant is carefully placed in your jawbone while you are under anesthesia. Following the procedure, we may recommend soft foods and warm soup to aid in the healing process.

During the next stage, the gum tissue around the implant begins to heal. Likewise, the bone around the implant begins to heal, holding it in place, in a process known as osseointegration. This typically takes anywhere from 4-6 months.

Once healing is complete, you are ready for the dental implant restoration. A crown is then placed on top of the implant. You can think of the crown as a customizable tooth that we design specifically for you. This technology allows us to achieve a perfect fit while also creating a tooth that blends in very naturally with your surrounding teeth.

How Long Does a Dental Implant Restoration Last?

Dental implant restorations can last for a very long time. If you are in your 40s, there is a great chance that your dental implant restoration will last for a lifetime. In fact, the only adjustment that you are likely to need is a crown replacement, and even that is unlikely.

Where Can I Go for an Implant Restoration?

We are pleased to offer dental implant restorations here in our office. If you would like to make an appointment for a dental implant consultation, contact our office at 330.434.3485 or click here to schedule an appointment. We offer appointments as early as 7AM and as late as 6PM for your convenience!