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What is Guided Implant Surgery?

May 13, 2024

Unfortunately many people don’t share their smile. It’s often because they are embarrassed because they have missing or compromised teeth. Guided implant surgery can change that. Let’s take a look at what this procedure is and how it can help patients find the confidence in their smile.

The Misleading Myth of Missing Teeth

The American College of Prosthodontists estimates that over 175 million Americans have missing teeth. So while many people with a missing tooth may think they are the only one with that issue, it’s actually a very common condition. And now there is a very modern way to address it.

What is Guided Implant Surgery?

Guided implant surgery is a breakthrough process that improves the outcome of placing dental implants. It does this by using a number of different technologies to help a dentist place each implant with accuracy and comfort.

This surgical process starts before you ever settle into the dentist’s chair:

  • Using CT technology and 3D imaging software, a dentist makes a detailed model of your mouth. This 3D model shows the precise location of your teeth, jaw, and tissues. It provides the dentist with a realistic and accurate representation of the structure of your jaw. 
  • This model is studied by the dental team so that the dentist knows exactly how and where they will place the implant.
  • Once a determination is made about where the implant will go, a surgical guide for dental implants is created. (This is a type of “template” that the dentist will use during the implant surgery.)

How Does This Process Differ?

In a traditional implant surgery the dentist will use x-rays to plan the placement of the implant. While these are helpful, they provide only part of the picture of your mouth. (It’s like going on a hike with half of a map.) This means that a lot of decisions and adjustments will need to happen “in the moment.”

In a traditional implant surgery:

  • The dentist will use your x-ray to decide where to place the implant.
  • During surgery the dentist may have to make alterations to that placement plan as they encounter tissue, muscle, bone or other items that did not appear on the x-ray.
  • Because they are making placement decisions as they progress, the surgery is slower and more intensive for the patient.

Placement in a traditional implant surgery also is not an exact science. An implant may need to be adjusted up or down multiple times until it reaches a comfortable position in the mouth and creates an even smile.

Why Use Guided Implant Surgery?

The complete guided implant surgery process was developed to:

  • Provide less trauma and stress to a patient (vs. traditional implant surgery)
  • Enable more accurate implant placement
  • Help implants to be placed not “like usual” but in an individualized manner for each patient
  • Speed recovery times
  • Remove the placement “guesswork” that drives traditional implant surgeries

Are There Benefits to Guided Implant Surgery?

There are a number of benefits of guided implant surgery for both the patient and the dentist including:

  • It’s a less invasive practice that uses smaller incisions
  • Dentists can achieve a greater level of accuracy with the implant placement (especially in surgeries with multiple implants)
  • The pre-surgery detailed planning process can eliminate many of the unexpected events that tend to occur during traditional implant surgeries
  • Because everything has been worked out in advance, it is a lower-stress procedure
  • By utilizing the surgical guide for dental implants, damage to tissues is limited
  • Patients experience a shorter recovery time

What Happens After Surgery?

After your guided implant surgery, you will need to allow the implant time to fully heal before the new artificial tooth can be attached. The dental team at Akron Smile have found that it typically takes about four months for that healing process. When your implant has fully healed, your new tooth will be securely put into place.

Is This Right For Me?

Guided implant surgery should be considered by anyone who needs a dental implant. It is a particularly strong option for:

  • Those who are receiving multiple implants
  • Patients who have had dental trauma in the past
  • When teeth are close together
  • People with bone density limits
  • Patients who will need the implant to be placed in a specific way due to the structure of their mouth

Because of its multiple benefits, guided implant surgery can be a low-stress way for you to get your smile back.

Where Can I Get Guided Implant Surgery?

The dental professionals at Akron Smile believe that a smile is key to a happy and healthy life. That’s why they have created a practice that is focused on giving you back the confidence in your smile. To help with this, one of the services they offer are guided implants. The entire procedure – from scan to surgery – can take place in their fully-modern office for a safe, comfortable experience.

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