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Logicon Caries Detector Software Helps Dentists Spot Tooth Decay

November 15, 2016

Close-up of woman's front and bottom teethIf you’re old enough to remember tape cassettes and VCRs, then you already know that technology has improved our world for the better. Fortunately, those technological advancements haven’t just given us better entertainment options, they’ve also improved the field of dentistry. For example, Logicon Caries Detector Software has made it even easier for us to provide our patients with the very best dental care possible.

What is Logicon Caries Detector Software?

Logicon Caries Detector Software is an FDA-approved software program that helps dentists better detect cavities on X-rays.

How does Logicon Caries Detector Software work?

With Logicon Caries Detector Software, Dr. Petry and Dr. Walton can visually analyze your X-rays on a computer screen to see whether cavities are present. The software aids with this analysis, because it helps identify cavities that may not be easy to spot with the naked eye. Add the fact that we can enlarge the digital X-rays to the size of the computer screen, and it is almost impossible to miss a developing cavity.

What are the Benefits of Using this Technology?

In a word, accuracy! Logicon Caries Detector Software has been shown to find 20% more cavities than the human eye alone. The software is sensitive enough to detect cavities in their earliest stages, giving us the opportunity to monitor potential problems over time. It can even prevent the misdiagnosis of healthy teeth by distinguishing between true cavities and areas on the X-ray that just look like cavities.

How does Logicon Caries Detector Software Help Patients?

The earlier we can catch tooth decay, the easier it is to treat. For instance, a cavity in its earliest stages may only require a filling. During a filling, we remove decayed tooth material, clean out the area, and then fill the cavity with a filling material that prevents bacteria from entering the tooth again.

But, let that tooth decay go unnoticed, and it could escalate into something much more serious. The decay will actually begin to work its way through the layers of the tooth. Should it reach the pulp portion of the tooth—which contains nerves and blood vessels—an infection will develop.

At this late stage, treatment becomes more involved. Patients may need to have the tooth removed or undergo a root canal procedure. We like to prevent this whenever possible.

That’s what is so great about Logicon Caries Detector Software. It enables us to identify tooth decay in its earliest stages. This means we can treat our patients with less involved, less expensive procedures.

As dentists, we appreciate being able to use the latest technology in our office, because it allows us to provide our patients with the best possible dental care. And speaking of dental care, we encourage our patients to visit us every 6 months for a checkup.

If you or your children are due for a visit, it’s easy to schedule one with Dr. Walton or Dr. Petry. You can request an appointment online, simply by clicking here or by calling our office at 330.434.3485. We are conveniently located at 508 E. Exchange Street in the heart of Akron.