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5 Ways that Akron Makes Us Smile

September 20, 2013

Although Cleveland (our neighbor to the north) gets a lot more attention, Akron has a culture and character all its’ own that make it a fun place to live.  For one thing, the city is home to some classic inventions.  For example, did you know that the ice cream cone, hamburger, and first breakfast cereal (Quaker Oats) were invented here?  Also, Alcoholics Anonymous originated in Akron. [1]  All of these things have had a tremendous impact that extends far beyond Ohio’s borders.  Go-o-o-o, Akron!

As Akron-lovers, we wanted to share with you a few other ways that Akron makes us smile:

Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens

The Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens are one reason for our civic pride.  As one of the finest examples of Tudor Revival architecture, the degree of detail that went into the Manor House at Stan Hywet is stunning.  And with acres of breathtaking gardens, this is a great place to visit, particular if you can score tickets to one of their special Christmas events.      

Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens
Courtesy of Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens

Swenson’s Drive In

Founded in 1934, Swenson’s is a hometown hero.  Its first location—built at West Market and Hawkins—was so successful that now they have several Swenson’s throughout the area.  Between the old fashioned carhops, the awesome Galley Boy burger, and the 18 flavors of milkshakes, Swenson’s is a local favorite that always manages to satisfy our appetite.

Swenson’s. Source:

West Point Market

While other cities may have Whole Foods, we have West Point Market, Akron’s own gourmet grocery store.  With hundreds of cheeses, yummy baked goods, and specialty products galore, this is the go-to place for foodies.  For extra fun, check out one of their monthly wine tastings or grab a panini from the café—you won’t regret it!

Akron Civic Theater

A list of things we love about Akron would hardly be complete without a mention of Akron Civic Theater.  Located downtown on Main Street, the Civic is home to all kinds of entertainment:  plays, concerts, dance performances, you-name-it.  Built in 1929 with an interior fashioned after a Moorish Castle, the Civic is one of only a few remaining atmospheric theaters where patrons can view a twinkling sky and intermittent clouds while sitting inside the auditorium.[2]  

Akron Civic Theater
Courtesy of Akron Civic Theater


Typically packed on evenings and weekends, Luigi’s is an Akron staple.  A landmark since 1949, Luigi’s serves up their renowned pizza with a side of nostalgia.  And their homemade Italian dressing?  Fuhgeddaboutit!  So yummy that they even sell bottles to take home.

Luigi's Restaurant
Courtesy of Luigi’s Restaurant

As you can see, our town has a local flavor all its own—for these and many other reasons, Dr. Walton and Dr. Petry are happy to call Akron home.  With so many exciting things to see, do, and eat (!), you can find virtually anything you want or need in our unique town.