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5 Things You Need to Know About Conscious Sedation Dentistry

September 1, 2016

Woman laying in dental chair while dentist cleans her teethThe dentists’ office can be a scary and intimidating place, but it doesn’t have to be. At Akron Smile, we utilize conscious sedation dentistry to complete much-needed dental work while keeping our patients at ease. And as your dental provider, that’s something we love to see! Read on to learn the 5 things we want you to know about the benefits of conscious sedation.

1. Conscious Sedation Is a Gentle Procedure that Puts Patients at Ease.

With conscious sedation dentistry, medication is given in advance of a dental procedure so patients feel a greater peace of mind. While they still remain awake during their visit, they appreciate the comfortable experience.

2. We Have a Number of Different Sedation Options to Help You Relax

We always select a sedation method based on your unique circumstances. That means that before your dental procedure, we’ll take note of any dental fears, evaluate your health history, and consider the procedure you’re having done. Based on this information, we’ll determine the best conscious sedation method for you.

During the sedation itself, you’ll be awake but relaxed. Depending on the level of sedation, you may be conscious during the procedure but not remember very much of it.

3. Virtually Anyone Can Benefit from Conscious Sedation Dentistry

Naturally, conscious sedation is an excellent choice for those who are afraid of dental visits or needles. However, sedation isn’t just for our fearful patients. It’s also a great option for anyone who :

  • Needs extensive dental work
  • Has sensitive teeth and gums
  • Has problems controlling their movement or difficulty sitting still
  • Has pain in their jaw, back, or neck muscles
  • Has a severe gag reflect
  • Has experienced unpleasant or traumatic dental visits in the past
  • Has limited time (sedation allows us to perform more extensive dental work in just 1 visit!)

For all of these issues, conscious sedation can help patients relax, control their movements, and experience a relaxing visit.

4. Conscious Sedation Is Extremely Safe

Today’s sedation methods have been tested for years and offer our patients a comfortable, non-habit forming, gentle experience. In fact, sedation dentistry is so safe that it can even be used on children.

Additionally, our office has many, many years of experience, and we always remain up-to-date on the latest dental technologies. Both of our dentists have completed several hundred hours of continuing education classes so that we can offer our patients the safest, most effective care.

5. Our Office Is the Next Best Thing to a Spa

While we can’t promise you an herbal body wrap, we can give you a massage! To ensure our patients’ complete comfort, we provide relaxing massage chairs, overhead flat-screen TVs, and a soothing environment. In fact, our spa-like amenities are just one of the reasons that over 99% of our patients say they would recommend us to a friend!

When you are due for your next dental visit or procedure, have no fear! Sedation dentistry and the relaxing environment at our office ensure your visit will be nothing short of relaxing and pain-free!