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5 Ways We Help You Overcome Your Fear of the Dentist

September 18, 2015

afraid of dentistDo you feel very anxious and even afraid before visiting the dentist? If so, do not worry. You may be relieved to know that you are not the only one. Dental fear is relatively common; in fact, estimates suggest that 9-15% of Americans – about 30 to 40 million people avoid seeing the dentist out of anxiety and fear.

A lot of times, this dental anxiety can be traced back to an unpleasant experience during childhood. However, dental care has come a long way since you were a kid. The latest advances in tools and technology have made the dental experience much more relaxing and comfortable than it used to be. Below, we explain how at Our office, we help you overcome your fears so you can get the positive dental treatment you need and deserve.

1. Conscious Sedation

Believe it or not – Sedation dentistry can change your perspective about visiting the dentist. With conscious sedation, a dentist can administer a safe and non-habit forming drug that allows you to remain awake during the procedure, but it keeps you feeling relaxed and at ease as well.

We are pleased to be able to offer this option at Our office, and our formerly frightened patients find that this makes their dental procedures much less anxiety-ridden and far more comfortable. Still have some concerns? Check out our blog post, Common Questions About Sedation Dentistry, to put your mind at ease.

2. Chair Adjustment

Many patients who fear the dentist do so because they do not enjoy feeling out of control. Having a dentist working over them while they are deeply inclined can contribute to this sensation. Rather than allow this fear to prevent you from coming in, simply tell us. We are happy to adjust the chair inclination to one that you are more comfortable with.

3. Friendly, Experienced Dentists

When you visit the dentist, you want to know that you are in excellent hands. Both Dr. Petry and Dr. Walton have extensive experience, making it easier for you to relax during your appointment. Dr. Petry has been practicing dentistry for over 30 years and is a member of a number of dental organizations, whereas Dr. Walton graduated with honors from the Ohio State University College of Dentistry and serves in leadership roles with the Akron Dental Society and the Ohio Dental Association.

While their backgrounds do differ, both dentists are friendly, compassionate, and happy to listen to your concerns. They will review your medical history and make the conscious sedation recommendation that works best for you.

4. Amenities

At our office, we try to make the experience more spa-like than medical. To this end, we offer comfortable amenities like relaxing massage chairs and overhead flat-screen TVs. Our patients appreciate these—and our other offerings – so much that over 99% of them would recommend us to a friend!

5. Knowledge

Oftentimes, people who fear the dentist can overcome their fears if they realize how important dental visits truly are. Allow us to remind you! Regular dental appointments are very important for keeping your teeth and gums in the best possible shape. Routine visits prevent gum disease, tooth decay, and allow us to detect serious issues, such as oral cancer, so that they can be effectively treated. By going to the dentist regularly, you will be far less likely to require extensive dental work later on in life.

How can I schedule an appointment?

We are pleased to be able to offer sedation dentistry to our current patients as well as our new ones. Scheduling an appointment with us is easy too! Simply call our Akron office at 330.434.3485 or click here to fill out our online appointment request form. We look forward to your visit!